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Q:What would you say it's the most appropriate word for you?
A:Smilie! Or smile. It's something I do every moment and I expect everyone to be happy and smiling, that makes me march through everything. I also use a lot of smilies on my messenger :) I just love them :)

Q:Can you tell us about your best childhood moment?
A:I can definitely tell you that Christmases are the best memories of my childhood. I can't say I had one favorite Christmas, I loved all of them, I loved the Christmas tree and discovering all those gifts, the songs, the atmosphere, everything was beautiful, like a fairy tale.

Q:What is your favorite book?
A:'Great expectations'. It's a complex story that talks about human emotions. It's a book that I would recommend anyone to read it.

Q:Do you have a favorite movie?
A:I have a lot of movies that I like but I absolutely love 'Pretty woman'. I guess every girl and woman finds herself being the main character at one point.

Q:What do you like most in a person?
A:I expect everyone to be sincere and devoted to their cause.

Q:Do you like to travel?
A:Yes, every time I have the chance, I do it. And never alone, I always like to take someone with me.

Q:You have a favorite spot or place you like to travel to?
A:Actually, I have a favorite continent. For me, Europe is the most romantic place to travel. We have Paris, Rome and many other beautiful places full of history to visit.

Q:You like music?
A:Of course, I love it. I listen to all kinds of bands and singers: I like Elvis, Sinatra, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, disco music, Celine Dion, Cindy Lauper, all kinds of types and genres, music it's a big part of my life.

Q:What do you like to eat and do you have a favorite dish?
A:I love food, I guess like any other person. I often eat french fries so I guess it's my favorite dish. I also love deserts, pancakes are my favorite.

Q:You used to dream about Prince Charming?
A:Of course, every little girl had a dream about Prince Charming. Some of us still do.

Q:What sports does a girl like you like?
A:I like tennis and I play it from time to time with my friends. I used to watch football because my boyfriend watched it but not anymore, we broke up.

Q:Do you like driving?
A:Yes, I like it, driving to the country side where my grandparents live. I like to drive especially in the summer time, feel the wind through my hair.

Q:What other hobbies do you have?
A:Other than travels, movies, music, I like to cook. For me and for my friends, they say I am pretty good at it and I am quite happy about it!

Q:Do you like kids?
A:Yes, I love kids and as I said before, I hope I will have my own kids and start a big and happy family. My parents also can't wait to be grandparents.

Q:Why are you into video chat?
A:I started a few years back and I loved it since the beginning. It gives me a special freedom. It's a great feeling to be naked on cam and talk about sex.

Q:Do you think you are good about it?
A:I think I am because I have a lot of friends, or members as you may know them as. I have private shows everyday and I receive a lot of compliments, so I guess I am a pretty successful cam model.

Q:For how long are you going to do video chat?
A:I guess I will do it for a long time from now. I love what I do and I am good about it so I will do it for as long as I can. It has become a part of me and my life and I couldn't see myself without videochat.

Q:It seems you love doing live sex. What about real life one?
A:You can't compare virtual sex with the real but any of them have something that makes them really special. We couldn't live without love and sex.

Q:Did you experience a threesome?
A:Yes, I had a threesome and I loved it. Anyone should try things like this. These little things make out life more beautiful.

Q:What do you wish from life?
A:I would like to be a wife and a mother. I'll wait and see and hope for the best.