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I had a great afternoon with Jessica, my friend I went with to shoe shopping. The first stop was at our local coffee pub where we had our favorite ice cream and we had one of those girlie chit chats that have no end. We also talked about the new guy that serves there and we laughed and smiled about it but we didn't have the guts to ask him for his phone number but we didn't regret it because maybe that would not have been very appropriate.

Maybe he'll do the next move since he smiled back or maybe we will run into each other on the street. That's a lot of 'maybes' so let's move on and talk about what we went out in the city: the precious shoes for Jessica's sister. It's her birthday and she is a shoe addict, she simply loves buying them, receiving them and of course wearing them. Since we know she is so picky about shoes, we had to wander more than 6 shops, great thing we have a boulevard that is full of shops that have clothes and shoes. We found a gorgeous pair of shoes but it was very hard to choose the right color since they had 5 colors. We finally settled for the red ones since Jessica's sister loves it. Gotta go prepare for the party so I'm gonna tell you more tomorrow, take care and enjoy every moment.


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