Hello everyone, I'm Larisa, I'm a cam girl and this is my personal website. I update it pretty often so don't forget to check it for updates. If you want to see me live on camera, see my Live Cam page. You are also invited to comment on my journal messages. I hope will spend a great time on my blog. Kisses Larisa!
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Hey, guys, I just want to tell you that I had a very beautiful morning and now I am preparing to go out with my girlfriends to buy shoes for her sister's birthday. Let me tell you how I started the day: I woke up pretty early with the bright sunshine in my eyes and my alarm clock set on the radio. I couldn't have been a better way to wake up.

The radio was playing 'What a beautiful world' and it put a really big smile on my face. Got out of bed, headed for the bathroom and straight in the shower. I just love morning showers, I like the water rather chilly than hot in the summer mornings. After refreshing my body in the shower I like to let the water evaporate from my body, I don't use a towel, it's like a great feeling of freedom naked in the intimacy of your house waiting for those little drops of water to simply vanish. After that my puppy also woke up and I feed him a little snack and prepare one for myself.

I love to eat pancakes in the morning, filling them with strawberry or raspberry jam, sometimes honey or chocolate, it's a pleasure. The next thing i did this morning was taking my precious dog out for a walk. I don't get to make my morning jogging because the little guy can't run for such a long time, so it's not such a long morning ride. He can always stay in the back yard on the green grass, playing with the balls and bones. Guess the mailman is ringing at the door, I'll keep you posted with the things I do in a day.


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