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Hello, everybody, today I woke up a little late because of the party, we stayed up until 4 a.m. but we had an amazing time and I'm gonna tell you about it but first let me put some coffee and let my precious puppy outside in the back yard. I'll be right back.
Ah, such a refreshing cup of coffee I have right beside my laptop, I love smelling it and taking little sips from it. Also took some croissants, they are great with a fresh cup of coffee. So, we went early at the party, helping Jessica's sister to finalize the last details so the guests feel great.

All of them arrived pretty early since they know the parties at the girl’s house are simply awesome. We always dance to the latest disco hits but the great fun we have on the old 70's and 80's songs since those are the greatest. Everybody was dancing and grooving and when the karaoke moment came we all had a blast. The big surprise for the birthday girl were two hot stripers that clearly knew what they were doing. We also played some games, drank champagne, it was a beautiful night and a smashing party, everybody was saying that they can't wait for the next year's party. No one got upset about anything so there was no incident. I am still smiling about he last night remembering how beautiful it was. Now I'm gonna take a long shower and make some breakfast. Enjoy the rest of the day!


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